Oleh: Michael | Februari 6, 2010

List Armor Mafia Wars

10 Gallon Hat
13 27Woodsman Crate
A Pint o’ Green Beer
15 29Limited Edition Loot
Arctic Camo Suit
20 15Moscow Mafia Store
Armed Guards
8 25Limited Edition Loot
25 GFP
Armored Briefcase
25 36Moscow Brigadir Loot
12 17Moscow Mafia Store
11 19Street Crate
Bobble Head
13 23Stocking Stuffer
Body Armor
4 7NY Mafia Store
Body Double
10 25Limited Edition Loot
25 GFP
8 25NY Hitman Loot
10 20Moscow Mafia Store
Bugged Cell Phone
19 19Spy Tech Crates
Bullet Proof Vest
2 4NY Mafia Store
Bulletproof Trenchcoat
10 25Limited Edition Loot
25 GFP
Camo Fatigues
14 8Cuba Mafia Store
Camouflage Body Armor
18 34Cuba El Capitan Loot
Carmine’s Lucky Lapel Pin
34 11Limited Edition Loot
25 GFP
Chest Protector
22 36Sports Mystery Crates
Che’s Beret
46 34Cuba El Patron Principal
Chevalier Exoskeleton
18 43Experimental Crate
Cossack Armored Vest
18 48Moscow Avtoritet Matyoryj
Cowboy Boots
15 25Woodsman Crate
Davy Crockett Hat
21 94th of July Loot
Deadly Armed Guards
12 28Treasure Chest
Deadly Body Double
25 45Treasure Chest
Deadly Dragon Skin Body Armor
19 36Treasure Chest
Deadly Gas Mask
16 26Treasure Chest
Deadly Jetpack Prototype
46 15Treasure Chest
Deadly Riot Gear
20 35Treasure Chest
Decorated Tree
4 26Bring the family together
Dillinger’s Sunglasses
23 34Public Enemy #1 Mastery
Dillinger’s Overcoat
22 40Limited Edition Loot
25 GFP
15 25Intercept Weekly Shipment
Dragon Skin Body Armor
12 28Limited Edition Loot
25 GFP
Economy Pack of Socks
10 20Stocking Stuffer
22 18Moscow Mafia Store
Ex-KGB Bodyguard
48 30Moscow Brigadir Matyoryj
Executive Overcoat
22 45Moscow Pakhan Loot
Falsified Documents
2 30NY Underboss Loot
Federal Agent
15 25NY Boss Loot
Flak Jacket
10 25Limited Edition Loot
Food Coma
20 42Thanksgiving Weekend
Football Helmet
13 26Sports Mystery Crates
Forest Camo Suit
20 15Moscow Mafia Store
40 24Limited Edition Loot
25 GFP
13 15Stocking Stuffer
Fur Coat
12 28Public Enemy Weekend
18 45Colosseum Crate
Gas Mask
8 20Godfather’s Crate
Gene Splicer
27 16Experimental Crate
Ghillie Suit
16 42Cuban Crate
Ghost Thug
10 20Rob a candy truck reward
Guardia Presidencials
42 32Developer Accounts
Guerilla Bodyguard
25 44Limited Edition Loot
25 GFP
Guerrilla Commando
38 35Cuba El Capitan Principal
Guerrilla Squad
34 30Cuba El Padrino Loot
Haitian Drum
44 46Limited Edition Loot
25 GFP
Haitian Relief Drum
44 46Limited Edition Loot
25 GFP
Half Dollar Body Armor
13 30Limited Edition Loot
Hired Thug
16 12Cuba Mafia Store
Holiday Scarf
13 24Christmas Presents
Holiday Star
15 20Bring the family together
Hung Chu Enforcer
16 24Bangkok Crate
Hunter’s Vest
14 26Woodsman Crate
I ❤ Mom Tattoo
15 22Limited Edition Loot
Infrared Scanner
9 22Spy Tech Crate
Jetpack Prototype
38 7Limited Edition Loot
25 GFP
Jungle Tracker
10 15Cuba Mafia Store
Khen Shield
7 10Bangkok Mafia Store
Kowloon Police Uniform
15 10Bangkok Mafia Store
Lefty Guns’ Leather Coat
10 24Limited Edition Loot
Local Guide
5 8Cuba Mafia Store
Local Tough
10 12Cuba Mafia Store
Locket of Billie
10 36Public Enemy Weekend
18 32Colosseum Crate
Lucky Shamrock Medallion
1 7NY Soldier Loot
Lucky Wishbone
16 36Thanksgiving Weekend
Mesh Trucker Hat
10 20Woodsman Crate
Monkey Brain Stew
2 27Halloween Weekend Loot
Monk’s Robe
29 41Bangkok Fight Drops
Muai Thai Bodyguard
18 25Bangkok Brawler Yakuza Loot
Ness’ Fedora
28 22Labor Day Loot
Night Vision Goggles
5 16NY Hitman Loot
Nitro Skates
19 36Limited Edition Loot
25 GFP
Ocular Implants
25 26Experimental Crate
Off Duty Cop
22 18Limited Edition Loot
25 GFP
Optical Camo Suit
43 26Bangkok Fight Drops
Panama Hat
18 35Limited Edition Loot
25 GFP
Paratrooper’s Gear
36 15Limited Edition Loot
25 GFP
15 25Colosseum Crate
Pigskin Helmet
18 24Thanksgiving Day Loot
Pinstripe Suit
21 38Black Friday Sale
18 GFP
21 31Moscow Boets Loot
Prison Stripes
15 24Public Enemy Weekend
Public Enemy #1 Newspaper
6 30Public Enemy Weekend
Ranger Body Armor
15 38Limited Edition Loot
25 GFP
Rebel Sniper
24 20Cuba Mafia Store
Red Boa
19 38Limited Edition Loot
25 GFP
Red Coat
8 384th of July Loot
Riot Gear
12 28Limited Edition Loot
25 GFP
Riot Helmet
14 18Moscow Mafia Store
Riot Shield
14 26Limited Edition Loot
Royal Thai Army Beret
28 21Bangkok Criminal Yakuza Loot
Royal Thai Army Helmet
9 13Bangkok Mafia Store
Samurai Helmet
12 28Yakuza Crate
Shaolin Bodyguard
27 51Bangkok Mafia Store
Sharkskin Gloves
25 37Sharkskin Gloves
25 GFP
Shin Guards
16 23Sports Mystery Crates
45 28Moscow Expansion Reward
45 28Moscow Avtoritet Vory Loot
Silk Scarf
20 22Bangkok Brawler Yakuza Loot
Silk Shirt
5 9Bangkok Mafia Store
Snow Fort
7 25Christmas Gifts
Spetsnaz Operative
38 32Limited Edition Loot
25 GFP
Stab-Proof Vest
2 5NY Soldier Loot
Street Gang Member
20 14Cuba El Soldado Loot
Sumotori Fighter
17 25Bangkok Crate
16 12Bangkok Mafia Store
Temple Guardian
27 45Limited Edition Loot
25 GFP
Tesla PD Gun
18 42Limited Edition Loot
25 GFP
Tigerskin Armored Vest
12 30Tigers Unleashed Weekend
Tiger Sak Yant
65 42Bangkok Brawler Mastery
Timber Wolf
41 20Black Friday Sale
18 GFP
14 14Moscow Mafia Store
Traje de Balas
10 39Cuban Crate
Tri-Point Hat
8 124th of July Loot
Ugly Sweater
15 18Intercept Weekly Shipment
10 20Red Hammer Crate
Utility Belt
30 30Mafia Wars Toolbar
Veteran Dog Tags
40 42Limited Edition Loot
25 GFP
Viking Helmet
21 37Limited Edition Loot
25 GFP
Wise Guy
20 14Cuba Mafia Store
Wrist Wrap
8 6Bangkok Mafia Store
Yakuza Assassin
50 26Bangkok Mafia Store
YetiSkin Ghillie Suit
26 43Limited Edition Loot
25 GFP
21 18Halloween Weekend Loot

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